My first memory of my husband James was on an elementary playground.  He wore a white t-shirt with denim overalls and chased me with earthworms.  Who would have guessed he would go from chasing me with earthworms to chasing me up and down the streets of Elgin for a date, which led to our marriage at 24 years of age.  I am the mother of five beautiful daughters and Grammy to our first grandchild Johanna Lee (JoLee).

I come from a family who loves God with all of their hearts, loves to play practical jokes and passes that passion to all generations that follow.  One could argue that not only do we love to joke, but thrive on playing jokes on those we love.

Where does your story begin?  Memories piece our lives together like a beautiful quilt.  History teaches pioneer women to take worn clothes, rags, etc., cut pieces and make quilts to help keep their families warm.  Memories warm our hearts and souls just as quilts warm us.

Think back to a day you were bustling around task after task.  All of a sudden a scent crosses your path that causes you to become perfectly still.  You close your eyes and breathe in deeply as it takes you back to a beautiful  moment in time.  The smell of fresh-cut grass, a baby’s scent or a dreamer’s moment. 

Memories help make us who we are.  Reminisce of a fond memory.  How old were you?  Where were you?  Was it a warm day?  Was the sun shining on your face?  Who shared this memory with you?  Is there a smile on your face this very moment?

Each day we have the opportunity and privilege to create lasting memories; memories that draw people closer and mold us into better people.  Won’t you share your memories with me?


Pam Harkins

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  1. Fantastic job right here. I truly enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Properly, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see additional of this from you.

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