The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothin’ but the Truth

Our ladies group is studying the story of David by Beth Moore.  The first week’s homework taught us how God gave the people “just what they wanted” when he gave them Saul, but in reality Saul was not what they needed.  They needed to trust God.  Saul was chosen based on stature and outward appearance.  Pondering over this realization brought to mind the question, “Do I offer the real me no matter the circumstances?”

Every Fall we watch the movie The Wizard of Oz.  This tradition began when my siblings and I were little.  There was no such thing as a DVD when I was a little girl.  We did not have a VCR until I was in high school.  I am really showing my age here!  Mother would bake cookies, we would pile in the living room with pillows and blankets and have family movie night.  I love the memories from movie night!  Mother still bakes a particular kind of sugar cookie with cherries on top that I can never resist.

There is a scene in this movie where the Great Oz is saying all the right things in grandeur only to have Toto draw back the curtain and expose the dirty truth–that he is a fake.  Dorothy is shocked and says he is not who he says he is at all.  How many times have we put up a facade in hopes people will accept us, be envious of us or even to convince ourselves life is grand when all the while the people around us are thinking, “Why can’t you just be real?  I would love you so much more if you were real.”

The story of David teaches the people thought they needed one thing, but God had someone better in mind.  How often do we think we need to be one thing, but God wants us to be ourselves?  David did not know God planned for him to be king.  He was a shepherd boy who was left out to pasture when the prophet Samuel came seeking a king.  No one thought of David, but God did.  The Bible says David was overlooked in the beginning, but his traits were what God needed for a king (I Samuel 16).

How often do we try to make ourselves into something we think people want (our own personal Saul) when it is not what God intends for us?  The more we try the more discontent and insecure we become and the more people cease to trust us.  We put up such a facade we lose touch with reality.  This can occur because of the fear of rejection, not seeing the gifts and talents God has placed in us, selfish motives or manipulation.

I knew a man who would ask each day, “How are you?”  After an answer was given he would say, “Now tell me how you really feel.  Cut the bull.”  Do we answer how we really feel or do we put on our game face to try to convince ourselves and others?  We can not fool God.  He wants the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Have you ever known someone who gives you answers of how they want their life to be, but it is not actually true?  In the beginning of the friendship you feel compassion for them, but after a time you want them to cut the bull and be honest.

David did not put on a facade.  The Bible teaches us David made mistakes, but God considered him a man after his own heart.  Isn’t this what we truly want in our lives?  A heart that follows after God?  A heart that tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  A heart that God can use mightily.


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