Wishing You…

Christmas is one week away.  I could share baking recipes with you today, or tell you how much our church Christmas program blessed me today, or how much our family means to me, or how much it touched my heart watching an older couple be affectionate with each other in church this morning, or how little girls twirling and prissing around this morning in their holiday dresses brought back memories of when I used to dress all of our daughters the same or at least put big, and I mean big, matching bows in their hair, but I will not.  (smile) 

James and I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas.  This picture has imperfections and flaws, but it depicts our lives.  Lives that could not make it without Christ having come to the earth to save us.  We hope this week is the best week of the year.  A week of creating new memories with your family and friends, putting Christ first and lots of love and laughter in your homes.  Merry Christmas!


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