We recently took Mamaw, my 96 year old grandma, with us to feed the livestock.  She grew up in the country and although she is frail and her eyesight is quickly fading she still gets around quite well.  She is becoming more and more forgetful these days, but her sense of smell is keen and she knew immediately when we got close to the animals.  Even though her mind is slipping it amazes me how sharp her memory can be with childhood memories.  While we were feeding she noticed a very large pecan tree and said, “Oh James that is a good tree!  Do you know why it is a good tree?  Because when I was a little girl my papa used a tree like that to string up hogs when it was time for butchering.”  I never grow tired of Mamaw’s stories.  I distinctly remember a story about an ole tomcat that would not quit meowing, but I think some stories are better left untold.  I assure you she didn’t string it up in a tree.  This is Mamaw telling James about the pecan tree.

As the day went on Mamaw shared how she missed Papaw (my grandpa) more and more.  He was a big burly man who passed away 33 years ago, but she vividly remembers him in the hospital as his life was coming to an end looking at her and saying, “Mama who is going to keep my baby warm?  Who is going to hug you tight like I do?”  They both cried.  She said she misses those bear hugs more than anything.  Her day could have gone awry, but the minute Papaw wrapped her in his arms she felt peace.  Maybe Papaw’s hugs are the reason I love James’ hugs.  What about you?  What do you love the most about your spouse or a loved one?  Cherish it and take time for it because in a blink of an eye it could be gone.


8 thoughts on “Mamaw

  1. This is so sweet. Mamaw is a gem. We don’t spend near enough time with her.
    I love that Gaylan gives me a hug and my head fits perfectly under his chin. I have to copy what Mamaw said about the peaceful hugs…I can have a very stressful and chaotic day, and walk in the door and Gaylan can give me a hug and it all goes away. A completely peaceful feeling.

  2. Pam, thanks for posting this! I can see her pointing to that big pecan tree, with a twinkle in her eyes as she tells the reason it’s a good one. I wish I would have paid more attention to all the stories she has told me over the years. One time she told me how she would come home from school so hungry and her mother would fix her some special treat, but I can’t remember what it was. How I wish I would have cherished those moments more! That’s why I love to write and I’m so glad you write too. It’s so important to keep our heritage alive. Even things that may not seem important, write them down and share them. You never know who might be blessed by reading it! (the tom cat story can remain unwritten though) ;)

    • Mamaw loves cornbread and milk. She can’t cook/bake much anymore because of her eyesight but she told me this past week Aunt Jane makes it for her. I agree with you and the importance of memories. I should ask our girls to start writing them down. Family is important.

  3. Beautiful story!!! A a tear in my eye!!!
    I love hugs too from my man!!!!
    Fills my heart right up!!!

    My cousin sure looks good in that picture!!!
    You are a blessing to him!!!

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