Books and Africa

Are you a book nerd?  I am.  I love the smell of books.  I love the feel of books.  I have not graduated from books to a Nook or an Ipad.  One of my life long dreams is to have my own library with two overstuffed chairs and a floor lamp where I can slip away from the real world and get lost in books and adventures; my very own library where I can smell the old books and the leather chairs.  A library to gaze out and watch the raindrops trickling down the windows.  A wise person once said, “If you are not reading you are not learning.”  I truly believe that.  Last night our daughter Sarah asked me what were the last five books I have read and my answer was 1) the Bible (I can’t make it a day without it); 2) Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges; 3) All Over But the Shoutin’ by Rick Bragg; 4) Crazy Love by Francis Chan; and I am currently reading The Speed of Trust by Stephen M. R. Covey and Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis.  I usually have a couple of books going at once.

All of these books are great reads, but I must say Kisses from Katie has stolen my heart.  It is a must read.  I think it hits home so much because, like Katie, our daughter Sarah has a heart for missions and dreams of going to Africa.  She has had this dream since she was in the 8th grade.  She is almost 20 years old.  I thought it would pass, but the desire grows in her heart more and more each day.  So, what do you do when a little petite blonde haired daughter tells you she believes God is sending her to a foreign land?  You get on your knees more each day and pray for God’s will in her life.  You pray for her safety and direction and that she accomplishes everything He has called her to.

Do you remember in the Bible where Mary was told things about Jesus and she tucked them away in her heart and kept silent?  I tucked a prayer in my heart and didn’t share it with anyone.  Not even James.  I prayed,  “Lord if it is your will for Sarah to go to Africa can it be with a particular family?” and I named the family.  A family who has such a heart for Africa and missions they are adopting a beautiful little boy from Uganda.  Sarah called me from college one day informing me the wife of this family contacted her saying she thinks Sarah is supposed to travel to Africa with them.  God heard my prayer.

Please pray for Sarah and the plans God has for her life and I encourage you to read this book.  You will never be the same.


6 thoughts on “Books and Africa

  1. Reblogged this on Bless Your Hippie Heart and commented:
    This post is from my sweet cousin Pam’s blog. She is a wonderful writer, but more importantly, she is a true virtuous woman: “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.”

  2. Yes, Pam! I am a book nerd too! I love having multiple books going at once. It allows me to hop into the one that matches my mood at that moment. Isn’t it amazing how our love & trust for the Lord guides us into new levels of relying on Him? It is especially effective when our kids are involved. Thanks for sharing your heart!

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