All Kinds of People

Do you ever wonder how God made us different?  Many people have brown hair and yet no two people are the same.  What about the color of our skin?  Our hobbies, interests or the types of animals we love?  I personally love cattle (all of ours are Beefmaster except for Miss Annabelle I can’t let go of), beagle and golden retriever dogs and pretty little kitties that we can’t keep for long.  That is another story in itself.

Two days ago Kenzie and I went to our land to check on our cousins who were using our pedal boat (SS Minnow as James calls it) in our tank to catch mud catfish.  James wants them gone because they make the water murky and he is a bass man.  Well….while driving to our land on a peaceful country road we round a curve and immediately have to come to a stop because of two pretty gray-haired ladies in the middle of the road.  Slowly we pull up to get a closer look and see the problem.  A four-foot long brown, fat, scary snake.  Ew.  I very sweetly tell the ladies, “If you will move back I will run over it and kill it.”  One lady gasped as her hand flew up and began patting her mouth.  She said, “Oh no!  We plan to save this precious snake.  It is hurt.”  Ma’am?  I look ahead and the other lady has a long stick (not long enough in my book) trying to coax it to the side of the road.  What?  The first lady says, “It has a right to live.  The poor thing is hurt.  Please go all the way around and do not hurt it.”  Ma’am?  If I had the choice I would run it over, back up and run it over three more times!

Needless to say, I drove all the way around and did not hurt the snake.  Now I ask.  Who likes snakes?  Cows, kitties, dogs and donkeys yes.  But snakes?  LOL.  God makes all kinds of people.


3 thoughts on “All Kinds of People

  1. Yikes, I’m not a snake person either. I would never run over one on purpose, but if it was injured, I would gladly have to put it out of it’s misery. I hope those ladies didn’t get bit. Rachel’s little rat terrier, who is normally as gentle as a lamb, turns into a rabid pit bull whenever we come across a snake or a rat. I guess he senses my fear because he rips those suckers to shreds. :)

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