Take Time to Smell the Roses

Hello.  I trust everyone is getting back in the routine of school, college, etc.  One of my new daily goals (or every other day or every other other day if we are really busy) is running and I am happy say I can run one mile without stopping, walking or passing out.  I wish I could say I breathe gingerly and ladylike, but I do not.  I am heaving and gasping, just ask the poor lady and gentleman at our track that I ran up behind the other night.  The man put his arm up as if he was going to elbow me in the face!  LOL.  I told them, “It is just me, the lady who can’t breathe at all because she is trying run three miles.”  Thank goodness they had a good sense of humor otherwise I think he might have karate chopped me.  I have learned to stay in the far lane of the track until I get my breathing under control.  Like I said, it ain’t pretty but I am getting the job done.

Today I ran in the country and noticed all sorts of beautiful things.  Texas has been in a drought for quite some time so we have not had many pecans, but as I began my run today I noticed our trees are loaded with plump pecans.

I began thinking about what we see (or do not see) each day.  Are we so busy with our daily tasks we don’t recognize the beauty around us?  I believe in diligence, working hard and being all that we can be, but it is becoming more evident the importance of taking time to stop and smell the roses.

James and I have been married 22 years.  Kandace was almost four years old when we got married and I remember from that time to now asking everyone to clean their rooms, pick up their things, etc.  One day last week I was doing the usual bustling around the house tidying up and I went to each bathroom to get the laundry and put a load on to wash, but there was one thing missing.  Girls and laundry.  Kandace is grown and married and Sarah and Kelsey are settled in at college so for the first time in years I did not need to begin laundry at 5:30 a.m.  All of the years of murmuring about the laundry, but I knew at that moment I would take the laundry back and the messy rooms to have more time with all of our daughters.

I am happy they are pursuing their dreams and I love where we are at in our lives, but I also realize we need to slow down and enjoy each moment with them and see the beauty in each day.  Do not try to rush through the daily tasks.  Take time to smell the roses.


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